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Corporate Meal Accounts

The Newman Hotel understand the needs of your workers during the day to have a hearty meal, and one which they will actually eat and enjoy. We provide a Corporate Meal Service too many Corporate Clients in Newman.

We have a substantial selection of crib food, and a specified area to allow your employees to select their own food from an enormous selection in our crib fridges. Our crib area includes 4 distinct areas, being: Pre-made Fresh Sandwiches and Rolls, Pre-made Salads and Fruit, Make your own Sandwich and Rolls Salad Bar, and a wide range of assorted Re-heatable meals.

Our Breakfast & Dinner service has a comprehensive hot and cold buffet selection, with an enormous range providing a 21 day rotation menu to ensure that no meals are repeated within a 3 week period to ensure there is constant variety in the menu.